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Thursday, October 19
Thu, Oct 19, 3:50 PM - 5:00 PM
Aventine Ballroom E
Speed Session 2

Explain, Encourage, and Engage: Reaching Your Audience (303934)

*Darlene C W Lopez, LeCroy & Milligan Associates 

Keywords: Non-profit, government, evaluation, research, results

Once data analysis is complete, results need to be shared with a variety of audiences. As statisticians, it is imperative that we explain everything from a simple t-test to a complex nonlinear model in an approachable way.

We need to: explain the results of the analyses; encourage the understanding of what the results do and do not imply; and engage the audience to use the results to take appropriate action.

This session will provide a brief guide of how to explain things in non-statistical jargon without insulting the intelligence of our audience. This will include examples of both language to use as well as suggestions for displaying results as well.