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Saturday, October 21
Sat, Oct 21, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Aventine Ballroom A
Digital Agriculture: Methods and Implications

Creation of Management Zones at the Climate Corporation (303842)

*Jooyoon Han, The Climate Corporation 

Keywords: digital agriculture, clustering

Management zones, which refer to contiguous subregions within a field that have similar yield limiting factors, are important concepts in digital agriculture and have many potential applications. At The Climate Corporation, management zones impact key farmer decisions ranging from prescriptive seeding rates and hybrid selection, to nitrogen application. This presentation will focus on the key components of the variable-seeding-rate prescriptions in Climate FieldViewTM Pro’s Advanced Scripting tool including the data layer inputs and cleaning and the methodology used to create the “optimal” number of zones. In addition, the presentation will describe the validation process used to measure predictive accuracy of the resulting seeding rate recommendations.

This abstract is intended to be presented in a joint session with two other talks from The Climate Corporation: "Hypothesis Formulation, Experimental Design and the Analysis of a Digital Agriculture Trial to Evaluate Novel Precision Farming Algorithms" by Kate Hu, and "Managing Spatio-Temporal Variability of Critical Soil Nutrients on Farms" by Maria Terres