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Saturday, October 21
Sat, Oct 21, 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Aventine Ballroom A
Tools for Data Science

Make Prettier Shiny Apps (303796)

*Sadie Gill, FlowWest 

Keywords: Shiny, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, R, Web Dev, Data Visualization

Shiny is a powerful web framework for building attractive interactive data visualizations with R. This session will introduce how to use HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to gain full control over the layout and styling of Shiny web apps. Along with demystifying the jargon of web development, attendees will hear about helpful tools and resources to flatten the learning curve.

In this presentation, we will dive into an overview of basic syntax and how to integrate custom code within Shiny. We will also cover how to create UI layouts with Bootstrap and control the margin, padding, and border surrounding your content with CSS. Additionally, we will demonstrate the use of browser web inspectors to prototype and debug your apps. No prior experience is necessary.