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Friday, October 20
Fri, Oct 20, 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Aventine Ballroom D
Playing in everyone’s back yard: Stories of success, lessons learned, and advice for productive and enjoyable collaborations (PANEL)

Playing in Everyone’s Back Yard: Stories of Success, Lessons Learned, and Advice for Productive and Enjoyable Collaborations (303770)

*Rebecca Hubbard, University of Pennsylvania 
*Megan Othus, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute 
*Layla Parast, RAND Corporation 
*Elizabeth Sugar, Johns Hopkins University 

Keywords: collaboration, consulting, applied statistics, networking

According to John Tukey, “The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone’s back yard.” Collaborating with non-statisticians can be rewarding, and the opportunity to contribute across a range of scientific areas is one reason many statisticians choose this field. But, navigating collaborations effectively can be challenging. Many statisticians struggle to develop collaborations where they can participate as equal contributors to scientific inquiry (instead of just technicians with a p-value machine). Female statisticians may face additional hurdles establishing collaborative relationships.

Panelists with extensive experience collaborating with non-statisticians in a range of applications areas (including cancer, ophthalmology, and health policy) will discuss strategies for developing and sustaining productive, enjoyable collaborations.

Panelists include: Rebecca Hubbard, University of Pennsylvania Layla Parast, RAND Corporation Megan Othus, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute Elizabeth Sugar, Johns Hopkins University

(This is a panel discussion.)