This symposium follows up on the historic ASA Statement on P-Values and Statistical Significance. Although the problems identified in the statement have been known for several decades, previous expressions of concern and calls for action have not fostered broad improvements in practice. Recognizing this failure and seeking to move beyond the “Don’ts” highlighted by the ASA statement—the inappropriate interpretations and uses of p-values and significance tests—the Symposium on Statistical Inference will focus attention on the “Do’s.” Discussions will center on specific approaches for improving statistical practice as it intersects with three broad components of research activities:

  • Conducting research in the 21st century
  • Using research in the 21st century
  • Sponsoring, disseminating, and replicating research in the 21st century

The symposium will drive change that leads to lasting improvements in statistical research, communicating and understanding uncertainty, and decision making.

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