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Thursday, June 4
Practice and Applications
Practice and Applications 2
Thu, Jun 4, 1:20 PM - 2:55 PM

A Spatiotemporal Case Crossover Model of Asthma Attacks in the City of Houston (308401)

Katherine Ensor, Rice University 
*Julia Schedler, Rice University  

Keywords: case crossover, spatial statistics, public health

Case crossover design is a modeling approach used to assess the effect of a transient exposure on an acute outcome. Case crossover has been applied to many public health challenges that often involve spatially referenced data, but do not typically model any kind of spatial dependence due to the case crossover assumption. Based on an existing equivalence between case crossover analyses and time series count regression, this paper applies a case crossover model in time with a spatial random effect based on a Hausdorff-distance based weight matrix which accounts for the geometry of areal units to study asthma attacks in the City of Houston in 2015.