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Friday, May 31
A Field Guide to Education Tools in Data Science
Fri, May 31, 10:30 AM - 12:05 PM
Grand Ballroom I

Data Presentation For Everyone: Simple Ways to Educate without Teaching (306642)


*Allison Sliter, Digimarc Inc 

Data Scientists often sit at the center of a communication hub of many arms of an organization, acting as a translator and teacher. We have our own expertise, we must rely on the expertise of subject matter experts, merge those and then educate audiences without formal data analytics training or subject matter expertise. When we baffle instead of teach, our efforts are wasted. If we're not actually educating our audience, the processes and quality we were working to improve don't actually get better! By centering our audience and keeping our language plain, refining our conclusions off stage and making sure our data presentation does the work of highlighting insights, we can maximize the impact of the analysis we do.