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Thursday, May 30
Data Science Techologies
Practice and Applications
Data Science Applications E-Posters, I
Thu, May 30, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Grand Ballroom Foyer

Gender Distribution in Movie Roles (306365)


*Vijay Ravuri, CalPoly SLO 

Keywords: movies, imdb, gender, male, female, equality, Hollywood,

Are movies becoming more gender neutral over time? Equality in Hollywood has become a major point of discussion over the last few years, especially with big feminist blockbusters such as Wonder Woman. This project aims to measure the distribution of male and female roles in a movie along with the relative importance of each role to determine a rudimentary "Gender Score" that describes how gender neutral a movie is and identify factors that heavily affect the distribution of Gender Scores. Movie data was gathered from IMDB, including cast data, genre, and measures of success. Our main research goal was to answer whether movies are becoming more gender neutral with time and what other factors are affecting the rate of change. To this end, metadata about each movie was used to determine the relationship between characteristics of a movie, measures of a movie's success, and gender distribution to determine which variable, if any, had a significant association with gender distribution. Findings include what types of movies have shown the largest change in gender distribution over time and how gender distribution affects different measures of movie quality.