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Wednesday, May 29
Data Visualization
Computational Statistics
Machine Learning
Opening Mixer & E-Posters
Wed, May 29, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Grand Ballroom Foyer

Teaching the ASA Guidelines in a Cross-Cultural Setting (306253)

*Jing Cao, Southern Methodist University 
Alan Elliott, Southern Methodist University 
Lynne Stokes, Southern Methodist University 

Keywords: Ethics, Cross-Cultural, Consulting, Curriculum, Confucius

In response to governmental mandates and for institutional protection, U.S. universities are demanding more training about ethics within existing graduate student curriculum. Most of this training is based on the teachings of western philosophers. However, many graduate statistics students are from eastern cultures. There is cultural and linguistic evidence that western ethics may be hard to translate into the philosophical concepts common to these non-domestic students. This poster describes how to teach cross-cultural ethics, with emphasis on the ASA Ethical Guidelines, within a graduate-level statistical consulting course. In particular, we present content that can help both domestic and non-domestic students overcome culture and language barriers to gain an understanding of ethical decision making that is compatible with both western and eastern philosophical models.