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Saturday, June 1
Expanding the Toolkit for Teaching Statistics
Sat, Jun 1, 2:45 PM - 3:50 PM
Regency Ballroom EF

(A Picture-Book Approach To) Teaching the Analytics Process (306245)

*Ruth M Hummel, SAS Institute / JMP Division 

Keywords: exploratory, analytics, visualization, decision tree, regression, neural network, model comparison

A typical real-world predictive modeling workflow includes (often iteratively) data cleaning and exploration, model fitting, model validation, model comparison, final model selection, and deployment of the final predictive model. This real-world process should be the backbone of any course in analytics, teaching students the framework and the tools for analytics problem-solving in real life. Data and model visualizations are the key to helping students connect the abstract concepts to the model methods and options. We use a case study to illustrate a visual approach to teaching the analytics workflow.