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Friday, May 31
Data Visualization
Grammar of Graphics: The Twentieth Anniversary
Fri, May 31, 5:20 PM - 6:25 PM
Regency Ballroom EF

Past, Present, and Future of Grammar of Graphics Systems (305156)

*Lee Wilkinson, 

From an abstruse monograph twenty years ago to the foundation of numerous closed and open-source visualization platforms today, the Grammar of Graphics (GG) introduced an architecture that revealed a new world of quantitative and qualitative visualization. Outside of the SPSS team that implemented the book's visualization language, the earliest adopters of this technology were Pat Hanrahan and Chris Stolte (founders/developers of Tableau) and Hadley Wickham (author of ggplot2). Today, more than five widely used visualization systems are based on GG. Recent GG systems involve large-scale visualization in browser-based distributed environments. This session will feature a brief introduction by the GG author as well as discussions by some of the leading implementers of this technology. The primary focus will be on future development rather than past history.