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Saturday, June 1
Practice and Applications
When Biomedical Data Gets Big: Challenges and Solutions in Biomedical Data Science
Sat, Jun 1, 2:45 PM - 3:50 PM
Grand Ballroom E

Biomedical Informatics and Precision Medicine Are Laying the Framework for the Next Generation of Data-Driven Clinical Research (305126)

*Sean Mooney, University of Washington 

Keywords: biomedical informatics, predictive analytics, machine learning, electronic health records, digital health

It is an opportune time to be engaged in the research and application of informatics in biomedicine. The increased use of electronic and personal health records and personal mobile devices is creating many opportunities at research academic medical centers. Within UW Medicine, the University of Washington health system, we are laying the ground work to build the informatics and information technology infrastructure to support research on personalized approaches, and we are beginning to see the early successes of these efforts. In this presentation, I will also discuss how we collect, manage and integrate disparate data across the health system to enable research. I will also discuss our support of data for research use within UW Medicine, our efforts to build new machine learning and data science approaches using observational clinical datasets, and our efforts to integrate novel datasets to quantitatively describe phenotype. Further, we are leveraging the crowd by organizing and participating in community challenges (critical assessments) to build a better understanding of the types of approaches that perform well and in what context.