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Friday, May 31
Interoperability: Your R Package Can Depend on Its Friends
Fri, May 31, 5:20 PM - 6:25 PM
Regency Ballroom C

How Core Data Structures Drive Interoperability in the Bioconductor Project (305102)

Levi Waldron, CUNY SPH 
*Marcel Ramos, CUNY SPH 

Keywords: Interoperability, R, Bioconductor, data structures, genomics

Software packages contributed to the CRAN repository share use of core R data structures for basic data types such as matrices and dataframes. Bioconductor is a collection of >1,600 R software packages built around these and additional core data structures designed for genomic data. This talk discusses how the adoption of specialized core data structures have driven interoperability and robustness of Bioconductor packages. It will be of use to users of Bioconductor to gain familiarity with these core data structures and how they interoperate, and to package developers who must decide how to represent their data.