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Friday, May 31
Interoperability: Your R Package Can Depend on Its Friends
Fri, May 31, 5:20 PM - 6:25 PM
Regency Ballroom C

Case Studies in Interoperability: From Generic Classes to Specific Functions (305101)


*Matthew N. McCall, University of Rochester 

Keywords: Interoperability, R, Bioconductor, data structures, genomics

While the benefits of interoperability are often readily apparent to the user, the benefits to the developer are often underappreciated. This talk describes the development of two new statistical methods and corresponding software packages. These packages vary in the degree to which they leverage existing packages, from a key dependency on previously developed data structures to reliance on specific functions from an individual package. In exploring these different degrees of dependency and interoperability, we highlight the benefits and challenges of working within a software community, such as the Bioconductor project.