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Saturday, June 1
Data Science Techologies
Data Science Platforms: Docker and Kubernetes
Sat, Jun 1, 2:45 PM - 3:50 PM
Grand Ballroom I

Using Rocker Containers and CI for Teaching R-Based Courses (305082)


*Colin Wiiter Rundel, Duke University 

Keywords: Docker,Virtualization,Version Control,Continuous Integration,Education,

The Rocker project is an ongoing effort to provide high quality and up to date Dockerfiles to cover a wide range of use cases. In this talk we will highlight two case studies of using Rocker in the educational space. The first will be a detailed discussion of how we have been using these tools at Duke University to provide instantaneous and ubiquitous access to RStudio Server instances for all Duke Students. These tools have been successfully deployed across the majority of our introductory statistical science courses and has provided a much better user experience than local installations and/or traditional computer labs. The second case study will detail how we have been able to leverage these same tools along with version control (GitHub) and continuous integration (Wercker) tools to provide automated testing and feedback for students in our higher level statistical computing courses.