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Saturday, June 1
Practice and Applications
Data Science for Fun
Sat, Jun 1, 10:00 AM - 11:35 AM
Grand Ballroom E

Using Deep Learning in R to Generate Offensive License Plates (305050)


*Jacqueline Nolis, Nolis, LLC 

Keywords: deep learning, R, recurrent neural networks

Recurrent neural networks are great tools for generating sequences of text, and are easy to use with R and the Keras package. I wanted to try using one myself, so I found an unusual data set to train a neural network on: a list of license plates that were banned for being too offensive by the state of Arizona. I fed this data into a recurrent neural network to generate new offensive license plates--with hilarious results. During the project I learned a lot about how deep learning works and how others can get started with this hot technology. In this talk I will go through the project from start to finish, give recommendations on how to get into deep learning, and present some of the funniest output.