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Thursday, May 30
Practice and Applications
Open Source and Community
Thu, May 30, 10:30 AM - 12:05 PM
Grand Ballroom J

Sustainers of the Tidyverse (305042)


*Mara Averick, RStudio 

Keywords: open source, community

If a piece of open-source software is to survive its own success, it must have a healthy community of active contributors. The tidyverse, a collection of R packages for data science with a shared underlying design philosophy, has become popular in no small part because of its usability among those who do not consider themselves to be “programmers.” However, this active base of non-developer users has been a fruitful source of contributions as we’ve sought to highlight aspects of contributing to open source beyond committing lines of code. This talk will cover the technical tools, virtual spaces, and social norms that have enabled and empowered community contributions.