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Friday, May 31
Incorporating Ethics and Inclusion in Undergraduate Statistics Curriculum
Fri, May 31, 5:20 PM - 6:25 PM
Grand Ballroom I

Intertwining Data Ethics into Intro Stats (305018)


*Brianna Heggeseth, Macalester College 

Keywords: Data ethics, Intro Stats, Statistics Education

As new technologies are developed and become integrated into every aspect of our daily lives, it is becoming increasingly possible for massive amounts of data to be collected on individuals, whether or not we want it to be collected. With this Data Revolution, it is absolutely necessary that we incorporate discussions of data ethics along with the exposure of data analysis techniques to increase awareness of real consequences of data-driven decisions. However, this discourse and examination into data ethics is largely absent in Introductory Statistic curricula across the country and the world since it is difficult to cover the statistical concepts in one semester. I will discuss ethics modules that I've created to integrate ethical discussions with foundational statistic concepts. Along with covering the application of statistical concepts we can address ethical principles for study design with human subjects, data privacy and data use, negative feedback loops in modeling, and algorithms automating inequalities.