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Thursday, May 30
Teaching Statistics More Effectively to a New Generation of Students
Thu, May 30, 10:30 AM - 12:05 PM
Grand Ballroom E

Using GitHub with Statistics Undergraduates (305008)

*Jo Hardin, Pomona College 

Keywords: collaboration, reproducible workflow, data science

In recent years, GitHub has become the main tool for sharing code in the workplace. The software encourages reproducible workflow and collaboration across a complete data analysis. However, there is a sharp learning curve associated with attaining fluency with GitHub, and the learning difficulty is compounded by many undergraduate statistics courses teaching R simultaneously. In this work we discuss existing GitHub resources and the expansions we have created to allow for a more seamless GitHub workflow in an undergraduate classroom. We discuss the key aspects of our workflow, integrated with GitHub Classroom, that allow both students and instructors to use and embrace GitHub within the structure of a course.