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Radiation Research: State of the Science Twenty Years after Chernobyl
June 18-21, 2006 · Monterey, CA


The biennial ASA Conference on Radiation and Health was designed to promote interaction and collaboration between scientists in the fields of radiation epidemiology and radiation biology. For the 2006 conference, morning and evening sessions will be devoted to science and long afternoons will be free for informal interaction and exploration of the beautiful surroundings. The 2006 conference will continue a decades-long tradition of bringing together scientists working in the biophysical, biological, biostatistical, and public health aspects of radiation epidemiology.

The 2006 Radiation and Health Conference will focus on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident and the studies of its effects. In addition, the program will highlight the epidemiological and scientific evidence of radiation effects occurring at low-dose levels on human health and of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular consequences of high-dose exposure.

The conference is attended by a highly diverse group of scientists, including statisticians, epidemiologists, risk assessors, biologists, and physicists working in radiation research. The meeting is intentionally kept small (fewer than 100 participants) to facilitate informal discussion and personal interaction. All invited speakers are internationally recognized experts in their fields of specialization, and a special effort has been made to structure the conference to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of radiation research.

The location of the 2006 conference is the beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds near Monterey, California.

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