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CE_30P Sat, 8/6/2022, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM CC-145A
An Outstanding Supervisor: Leading for Motivation, Innovation, and Retention - ADDED FEE — Professional Development Professional Skills Development
This short course will bring to life the foundational concepts for becoming the ideal supervisor. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the essential leadership competencies that will empower them to grow a mentee or direct report, thus enabling them, in turn, to reach their full potential as well. The rewards of this development will cascade through the organization. Participants will learn and understand the expectations and behaviors necessary for becoming a supervisor for whom employees will want to work, increasing their team productivity through an elevated level of engagement. Engagement and fulfillment of employees is achievable when they feel motivated, are challenged to be the best they can be and are able to accomplish more than they thought they could. This course will consist of lecture, videos, and interactive panel discussions where participants will hear from seasoned and successful leaders about how they have learned from their experiences and developed tips and tricks for growing their supervisory skill set. Finally, participants will learn how to measure the right outcomes for enabling sustained growth in this dimension. It is said that employees do not leave companies, they leave supervisors. While many other leadership courses provide advice to statisticians, statistical analysts, and data scientists on how to be effective leaders, this course focuses on the critical role supervisors/professors/advisors play in their employees’ journeys to becoming strong leaders as well as individuals who propose and drive innovative ideas/solutions and effectively implement them. Strong supervisors, model desired employee behaviors, act as sponsors as well as mentors, contribute to their employees’ career satisfaction, support their employees’ work/life balance and generally retain good employees. If you are currently leading a team, managing a group, or considering a supervisory role, this course will help you be more effective. This short course is being offered in collaboration with the Leadership in Practice Committee (LiPCom) of the Biopharmaceutical section of the ASA.
Instructor(s): Shanthi Sethuraman, Eli Lilly and Company