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385 Wed, 8/10/2022, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-140A
SPEED: Statistical Methods and Applications in Medical Research, Risk Analysis, and Marketing Part 1 — Contributed Speed
Biopharmaceutical Section, Section on Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Section on Statistics in Imaging, IMS, International Chinese Statistical Association, Section on Risk Analysis, Section on Statistics in Marketing
Chair(s): Michael Higgins, Kansas State University
8:35 AM Near Real-Time Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Biologics Effectiveness and Safety (BEST) Initiative Data Network
Mao Hu, Acumen LLC; Patricia Lloyd, US Food and Drug Administration; Cindy Ke Zhou, US Food and Drug Administration; An-Chi Lo, Acumen LLC; Yoganand Chillarige, Acumen LLC; John Hornberger, Acumen LLC; Jeffrey Kelman, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; Anne Marie Kline, Aetna; Cheryl N McMahill-Walraven, Aetna; Kandace L. Amend, Optum Epidemiology; John D Seeger, Optum Epidemiology; Daniel Beachler, HealthCore, Inc.; Alex Secora, IQVIA; Christian Reich, IQVIA; Azadeh Shoaibi, US Food and Drug Administration; Hui Lee Wong, US Food and Drug Administration; Steven Anderson, US Food and Drug Administration
8:40 AM Integration of Efficacy Biomarkers Together with Toxicity Endpoints in Immuno-Oncology Dose Finding Studies
Yiding Zhang, Sanofi; Zhixing Xu, Sanofi; Ji Lin, Sanofi; Hui Quan, Sanofi
8:45 AM Practical Implementation of Randomization in a Complex Site-Level Stepped-Wedge Cluster Pragmatic Randomized Trial
Wen Wan, Section of General Internal Medicine, University of Chicago; Linda Rosul, Access community health network; Theodore Karrison, University of Chicago; Neda Laiteerapong, Section of General Internal Medicine, University of Chicago
8:50 AM A Two-Stage Method to Minimize the Expected Sample Size of a Single-Arm Study Under the Alternative Hypothesis
Xiaobo Zhong, Bristol Myers Squibb; Qian Li, Biostatistics and Strategic Consulting
8:55 AM Improving Dose-Escalation Design with Historical and Concurrent Trial Data
Abhishek Kumar Dubey, Bristol Myer Squibb; Arun Kumar Kumar, Bristol Myer Squibb; Kaushal Kumar Mishra, Bristol Myer Squibb
9:00 AM BGLAM: A Bayesian General Logistic Autoregressive Model for Correlated Binary Outcomes
Ahmad Hakeem Abdul Wahab, Janssen Pharmaceuticals; Arman Sabbaghi, Purdue University; Maggie O'Haire, Purdue University
9:05 AM Practical Guidance on Mixture Priors Specification in Oncology Dose Escalation Models
Frank Shen, Bristol Myers Squibb; Yanping Chen, Bristol Myers Squibb; Rong Liu, BMS
9:10 AM Overlap Weight-Based Adaptive Bayesian Commensurate Prior for Augmenting the Control Arm of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Yeonil Kim, Merck & Co., Inc. ; Erina Paul, Merck & Co., Inc.
9:15 AM Power Analysis for Longitudinal Cluster Randomized Trials with Binary Outcomes
Jijia Wang, UT Southwestern Medical Center
9:20 AM Association of COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccine Misinformation Using Google Trends Analytics Vaccine Hesitancy
Lan Gao, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
9:30 AM Extending the Weighted Generalized Score Statistic for Comparison of Correlated Means
Aaron D. Jones, Duke University; Andrzej S. Kosinski, Duke University
9:35 AM Can Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Be Properly Graded? Investigation of the Differentiation Grading Among Dermatopathologists
Yevgeniya Gokun, The Ohio State University; Xueliang Pan, The Ohio State University; David Carr, The Ohio State University; Katie Shahwan, The Ohio State University; Jessica Nash, The Ohio State University
9:45 AM Homogeneity Test for Ordinal ROC Regression and Application to Facial Recognition
Ty Nguyen, University of Central Florida; Larry Tang, University of Central Florida
9:50 AM Club Exco: Clustering Brain Extreme Communities from Multi-Channel EEG Data
Matheus Bartolo Guerrero, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Raphael Huser, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); Hernando Ombao, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
9:55 AM Large-Scale Correlation Screening Under Dependence for Brain Functional Connectivity Inference
HanĂ¢ LBATH, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Inria, Grenoble INP, LJK; Alexander Petersen, Brigham Young University; Sophie ACHARD, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Inria, Grenoble INP, LJK
10:00 AM Correcting Under-Reporting in Cyber Incidents
Seema Sangari, Kennesaw State University; Eric Dallal, Verisk
10:05 AM Outcome-Dependent Sampling on Posterior Estimates of Salesperson Rankings
Neil Mercer, Google LLC; Frank Yoon, Google LLC; Ignacio Martinez, Google LLC
10:10 AM A Framework for Measuring Influencer Marketing
Gary Cohen,; Vanja Dukic,
10:15 AM Floor Discussion