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287 Tue, 8/9/2022, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Hall D
Contributed Poster Presentations: Government Statistics Section — Contributed Poster Presentations
Government Statistics Section
1: Post-Processing Large-Scale Differentially Private Data with Known Constraints
Paul Bartholomew, The MITRE Corporation; Adam Michael Edwards, The MITRE Corporation; Jordan Alexander Awan, Purdue University; Philip Leclerc, U.S. Census Bureau; Rohan Rele, The MITRE Corporation; Andrew Sillers, The MITRE Corporation; David Zhou, The MITRE Corporation
2: Linking Records and Imputing Missing Values for Multi-Source Data
Mary Munro, The MITRE Corporation; Hongxun Qin, The MITRE Corporation; Dr. Timothy Champney, The MITRE Corporation; Angus Chen, The MITRE Corporation; Sam Cohen, The MITRE Corporation; Yueh Quach, The MITRE Corporation; Dr. Yolande Tra, The MITRE Corporation
3: Using Binary Logistic Regression for Categorical Predictors to Assess the Likelihood of Counterfeit Medicine in Nigeria
Oluwole Adegoke Nuga, Bells University of Technology; Akintunde Azeez, NAFDAC
4: The Impact of CARI Consent on Interviewer Behavior and Data Quality
Ariana Welsh, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Brett McBride, Bureau of Labor Statistics
5: On the Inclusion of Natural Resources in the Input-Output Model
Luis Frank, DNMyP. Secretaría de Política Económica. Ministerio de Economía
6: Adaptive Sampling for Social Surveys at Statistics Flanders
Luca Carlini, IRCCS Istituto Giannina Gaslini; Marc Callens, Statistics Flanders; Elisabetta Carfagna, University of Bologna
7: Student Insights into Graphical Innovation for Educational and Government Reports
Brian Habing, National Institute of Statistical Sciences; Haley Jeppson, National Institute of Statistical Sciences