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200 * ! Mon, 8/8/2022, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-144A
Statistical Methods in Policy Evaluation: From COVID-19 to Medical Cannabis–Related Policy — Contributed Papers
Health Policy Statistics Section
Chair(s): Mousumi Banerjee, University of Michigan
2:05 PM New Approach to Quantify COVID-19 Policy Effectiveness and Related Factors
Yile He, University of California, Davis
2:20 PM Leveraging Heterogeneity in Infectivity to Improve Efficiency in Contact Tracing
Aparajithan Venkateswaran, University of Washington; Tyler McCormick, University of Washington; Jishnu Das, Georgetown University
2:35 PM Estimating Causal Effects of the Philadelphia Beverage Tax Policy in the Presence of Spillover
Gary Hettinger, University of Pennsylvania; Youjin Lee, Brown University; Nandita Mitra, University of Pennsylvania
2:50 PM Rolling with the Punches: Evaluating Policy Interventions with Rolling Enrollment
Jonathan Gellar, Mathematica; Lauren Vollmer, Mathematica Policy Research; Keith Kranker, Mathematica
3:05 PM Analyzing the Impact of Different Countries’ Approaches to the COVID-19 Pandemic on Their Cumulative Infection Curves by Using Nonparametric Density Regression and Clustering Methods
Edithe Lam, Stanford OHS; Dashmi Singh, Stanford OHS; Nicholas Lu, Stanford OHS; Mason Chen, Stanford OHS; Damian Musk, Stanford OHS
3:20 PM Handling Correlation in Stacked Difference-in-Differences Estimates with Application to Medical Cannabis Policy
Nicholas Joseph Seewald, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Kayla Tormohlen, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Beth McGinty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Elizabeth Stuart, Johns Hopkins University
3:35 PM Floor Discussion