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30 Sun, 8/7/2022, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-204C
Statistical Considerations in Adaptive Designs — Contributed Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Meijing Wu, Sanofi
2:05 PM Bayesian Empirical Balancing Calibration for Addressing Nonconcurrent Controls in Adaptive Platform Trials
Evan Kwiatkowski, Rice University; Ying Yuan , the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Ruitao Lin, MD Anderson
2:20 PM Response-Adaptive Randomization for Precision Medicine Trials and the Pure-Exploration Contextual Bandit Problem
John Sperger, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Michael Kosorok, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2:35 PM Optimal Adaptive Promising Zone Designs
Lingyun Liu, Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Cyrus Mehta, Cytel; Apurva Bhingare, Bristol Myers Squibb; Pralay Senchaudhuri, Cytel Corporation
2:50 PM Generalized Conditional Power for Correlated Continuous Co-Primary Endpoints
Zejiang Yang, Syneos Health
3:05 PM A Note on Multiplicity Control for Trials with Adaptation Based on Intermediate Endpoint
Wenjun Zheng, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals; Chenguang Wang, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals; Bret Musser, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
3:20 PM Overall Type I Error Control for Seamless 2/3 Adaptive Design Using Biomarkers
Xin Wang, Bristol Myers Squibb; Rong Fan, Bristol Myers Squibb
3:35 PM Adaptive Two-Stage Design with Count Data
Yaohua Zhang, Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Bingming Yi , Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Lingyun Liu, Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Indrias Berhane, Vertex Pharmaceuticals