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194 Tue, 8/4/2020, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Virtual
Topics in Clinical Trials - I — Contributed Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Sophie Sun, Novartis
Study Design for Non-Oncology Combination Therapies
Abigail Sloan, Pfizer Inc.
Randomized Discontinuation Trials: Modified Amery-Dony Designs
Valerii Fedorov, ICONplc; Parvin Fardipour, ICONplc
OncCOVID: Integrated Survival Estimates from Cancer Treatment Delay During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Holly Hartman, University of Michigan; Kelley Kidwell, University of Michigan; Matthew Schipper, University of Michigan
A Simulation-Free Group Sequential Design Using Max-Combo Tests in the Presence of Non-Proportional Hazards
Cheng Zheng, Sanofi; Lili Wang, University of Michigan; Xiaodong Luo, Sanofi
Do Placebo Doses Vary Hot Flash Placebo Effects?
Jun He, Mayo Clinic; Jennifer Le-Rademacher, Mayo Clinic; Charles L. Loprinzi, Mayo Clinic; David Zahrieh, Mayo Clinic
A Two-Stage Stratified Clinical Trial Design with Survival Outcomes and Adjustment for Misclassification in Predictive Biomarkers
Shou-En Lu, Rutgers School of Public Health; Yanping Chen, Rutgers School of Public Health; Yong Lin, Rutgers School of Public Health; Weichung Joe Shih, Rutgers School of Public Health; Hui Quan, Sanofi
Assurance in Clinical Development Planning and Decision Making
Michael Fries, CSL Behring
Improving Precision and Power in Randomized Trials for COVID-19 Treatments Using Covariate Adjustment, for Binary, Ordinal, and Time-to-Event Outcomes
David Benkeser, Emory University; Ivan Diaz, Weill Cornell Medicine; Alex Luedtke, University of Washington & Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Jodi Segal, Johns Hopkins University; Daniel O Scharfstein, Johns Hopkins University; Michael Rosenblum, Johns Hopkins Univ, Bloomberg School of Public Health