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220129 Mon, 8/3/2020, - Virtual
JSM Walk/Run - Day 2 — Other Cmte/Business
Organizer(s): Donna LaLonde, American Statistical Association

Join us for the JSM Walk/Run challenge! It is an on demand challenge so it doesn’t matter if you are a morning walker or runner, an evening walker or runner, or any other time of the day. Beginning on Sunday, August 2 and concluding on Thursday, August 6 we will have daily challenges. You can earn 1 point for completing a walk/run, 1 point for completing the daily challenge, and 1 point posting on social media.

Track Your Results

>Enter your name as a participant and track your daily results. There will be prizes for completing the daily challenge. Every walker or runner who earns 10 points or more will be eligible for the grand prize drawing!

Here are the daily challenges:

Sunday, August 2 - Walk/run 1 mile of a new route + predict how long it will take you to walk or run a mile for the last day. You will need to submit your prediction by 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 4

Monday, August 3 - Walk/run 2020 steps or something to do with 2020 (JSM and decennial census for the US)

Tuesday, August 4 - Walk/run a route in the shape of your favorite greek letter. You may submit a map from your fitness device, indicate your route on google maps, or an image of a map showing your route.

Wednesday, August 5 - Walk/run 1 mile, pi kilometers (1.95 miles), pi miles (3.14), or tau miles (6.28 miles)

Thursday, August 6 - Walk/run 1 mile and see how close you are to your prediction.