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367 Wed, 8/5/2020, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Virtual
Contributed Poster Presentations: ENAR — Contributed Poster Presentations
1: Doubly Robust Estimator for the Restricted Mean Time Lost Based on Pseudo-Values for Competing Risks Data
Ludovic Trinquart, Boston University School of Public Health
2: R Package Afttest for Checking Semiparametric Accelerated Failure Time Models with an Induced Smoothing Approach
Woo Jung Bae, University of Florida; D Choi, Duke University; S Kang, Yonsei University
3: Checking Methods for Accelerated Failure Time Models
D Choi, Duke University; Woo Jung Bae, University of Florida; S Kang, Yonsei University
4: Machine Learning Approaches for Identifying Social-Environmental Variables Predictive of Health Outcomes
Elizabeth Handorf, Fox Chase Cancer Center; Michael Slifker, Fox Chase Cancer Center; Yinuo Yin, Fox Chase Cancer Center; Shannon Lynch, Fox Chase Cancer Center
5: Model-Based Standardization to Adjust for Confounding with Clustered Data
Zhongkai Wang, University of Florida; Babette Brumback, University of Florida; Almut Winterstein, University of Florida; Adel Alrwisan, University of Florida
7: Distributed Quadratic Inference Functions
Emily C Hector, Graduate Student, University of Michigan; Peter X.K. Song, University of Michigan