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171 Tue, 8/4/2020, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Virtual
SPAAC Poster Competition — Topic Contributed Poster Presentations
Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee
Chair(s): Michael Messner, USEPA
1: A Hierarchical Bayesian Latent Class Mixture Model with Censorship for Detection of Linear Temporal Changes in Antibiotic Resistance
Min Zhang, Iowa State University; Chong Wang, Iowa State University; Annette O'Connor, Iowa State University
2: A High-Dimensional Mixture Model Approach to Anomaly Detection for Wind Tunnels
Sierra Merkes
3: Nonparametric Analysis of Delayed Treatment Effects Using Single-Crossing Constraints
Kijoeng Nam, Merck; Nicholas C. Henderson, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Dai Feng, AbbVie
4: Connecting Population-Level AUC and Latent Scale-Invariant R-Square via Semiparametric Gaussian Copula and Rank Correlations
Debangan Dey, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Vadim Zipunnikov, Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health
6: Model-Free Posterior Inference on the Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve
Zhe Wang, North Carolina State University; Ryan Martin, North Carolina State University
7: Report on Climate Change in Alabama
Robert Norton, GASPgroup.Org
8: Bayesian Additive Regression Trees for Multivariate Skewed Responses
Seungha Um, Florida State University; Antonio Linero, University of Texas at Austin; Debajyoti Sinha, Florida State University; Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, Virginia Commonwealth University
9: Interim Monitoring in Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials
Liwen Wu, University of Pittsburgh; Junyao Wang, University of Pittsburgh; Abdus S Wahed, University of Pittsburgh
10: Use and Reporting of Statistics in Basic Biomedical Science Papers on Cancer Published in Nature
Kathleen C Torkko, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus; Xin Jin, Colorado School of Public Health; Gary K Grunwald, Colorado School of Public Health
11: Predicting DNA Methylation from Genetic Data Lacking Racial Diversity Using Shared Classified Random Effects
Hang Zhang, University of Miami; J. Sunil Rao, University of Miami; Erin Kobetz, University of Miami; Melinda Aldrich, Vanderbilt University; Douglas Conway, Vanderbilt University
12: Community Detection and Inference in Multi-Layer Networks with Applications to Schizophrenia
Anirban Mitra, University of Pittsburgh; Satish Iyengar, University of Pittsburgh; Jonathan Rubin, University of Pittsburgh; Nicholas Theis, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Konasale Prasad, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
13: Profiling the Dynamic Trajectory Using Mixed Effect Models with Applications to Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Michigan Arthroplasty Registry(MARCQI)
Huiyong Zheng, University of Michigan; Richard E. Hughes, University of Michigan; Brian R. Hallstrom, University of Michigan; Tae Kim, The Michigan Arthroplasty Registry Collaborative Quality Initiative (MARCQI); Mark Cowen, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
15: Causal Inference for Explainable Health Policy
Jimi Kim, Carnegie Mellon Univ
17: Feature-Based Link Predictions Under Graph Root Distribution
Jiashen Lu, University of Pittsburgh; Kehui Chen, University of Pittsburgh
18: Medical Analytics on Social Determinants of Health for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
Jim Z Li, Pfizer Inc; Kelly Zou, Pfizer Inc; Seth Woodruff, Pfizer Inc; Joseph Imperato, Pfizer; Lobna A. Salem, Pfizer Inc
19: Imputation of Scores for Examinees with Incomplete Data on Large-Scale Educational Assessments
Sandip Sinharay, Educational Testing Service
20: Estimating Bias Due to Treatment Favoritism Using Network Meta-Regression: Disease-Modifying Drugs for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) Including Off-Label Rituximab
Christopher James Rose, Division of Health Services, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Ingrid Kristine Ohm, Division of Health Services, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Julia Bidonde, Division of Health Services, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Lene Kristine Juvet, Division of Infection Control & Environmental Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Torunn Elisabeth Tjelle, Division of Health Services, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Atle Fretheim, Division of Health Services, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
21: Association Between Neighborhood Crime Rates and Distance to Public Parks
Melissa Meeker, Drexel University, Dornsife School of Public Health
22: Identifying the Best Predictive Biomarker in Pharmacogenomics
Song Zhai, University of California, Riverside
23: Exploring Survival Analysis Assuming Stochastic Order
Kendell Visser; Rick Ott, Colorado Mesa University; Javier Rojo, Oregon State University