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76 Mon, 8/3/2020, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Virtual
Contributed Poster Presentations: Section on Statistics in Epidemiology — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
1: Learning Healthcare Delivery Network with Longitudinal Electronic Health Records Data
Jiehuan Sun, University of Illinois at Chicago; Katherine Liao, Harvard Medical School; Tianxi Cai, Harvard University
2: Is Group Testing Ready for Prime-Time in Disease Identification?
Gregory Haber, National Cancer Institute; Yaakov Malinovsky, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Paul S. Albert, National Cancer Institute
3: Determining Suitable Options for Random Coefficient Variables
Novie Younger-Coleman, Caribbean Institute for Health Research (formerly TMRI), UWI, Jamaica; Jennifer Knight-Madded, CAIHR, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
4: Case Contamination in Electronic Health Records-Based Case-Control Studies
Jill Schnall, University of Pennsylvania; Lu Wang, University of Pennsylvania; Michael Levin, University of Pennsylvania; Scott Damrauer, University of Pennsylvania; Jinbo Chen, University of Pennsylvania
5: Doubly Robust Estimators in Randomized Trials with Monotone Dropout
Yuqi Qiu; Karen Messer, University of California, San Diego
6: Relaxing the Interaction Test in the Cox Proportional Hazard Model for Epidemiological Studies
Eiji Nakatani, Shizuoka General Hospital; Yoko Sato, Shizuoka General Hospital
7: An Empirical Evaluation and Guideline of the R-Value for Replicability Analysis Using the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Mengli Xiao, University of Minnesota; Lifeng Lin, Florida State University; James S. Hodges, Division of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota; Yong Chen, University of Pennsylvania; Haitao CHU, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities
8: Testing Association in Stratified 2×2 Contingency Tables Using Multiple Comparison Methods
Sanduni Pathum Laksara Palliyage, Western Michigan University; Magdalena Niewiadomska-Bugaj, Western Michigan University
9: Analysis of the Relationship Between Blood Pressure and Weather Measures in 52,558 Taiwan Residents
Chien-Hsiun Chen, IBMS, Academia Sinica; HOU-REN CHEN, Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School; Chih-Chieh Wu, National Cheng Kung University; Yi-Shan Tung, Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School; Pui-Yan Kwok, IBMS, Academia Sinica
10: Variable Selection for High-Dimensional Balanced Propensity Scores
Yumin Huang, Tunghai University
11: Sensitivity of the Proportion Mediated Estimate to Mediator Modeling Strategies in Causal Mediation Analysis: An Empirical Example
Kazuki Yoshida, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Daniel H. Solomon, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Robert Glynn, Brigham and Women's Hospital
12: A Spatial Case-Crossover Analysis of the Distribution of Heat-Related Hospitalizations in California
Kristen Hansen, University of California-San Diego
13: Restricted Cubic Spline to Model Relationship Between Time to Treatment with Survival for Oral Cavity Cancer
SONGZHU ZHAO, OSU; Lai Wei, OSU ; steve Kang, OSU ; Rygalski Chandler, OSU
14: Validation of Total Knee or Hip Arthroplasty Between Electronic Health Records and Insurance Claims
Jordan Westra
15: A Bayesian Model for Correlated Zero-Inflated Count Data
Tingting Zhou, FDA
16: Latent Mixture Model for Mendelian Randomization
Daniel Iong, University of Michigan; Yang Chen, University of Michigan; Qingyuan Zhao, University of Cambridge
17: Bayesian Frailty Models for Eye Tracking Experiments
David Angeles, Ohio State Univ
18: Estimation of Manufacturing-Related Workplace Injury Risk Through a Point-Based Risk Score Prediction Model
Hannah E. Fuchs, American University; Elizabeth J. Malloy, American University; Jay M. Kapellusch, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
19: Effect of Model Misspecification on Regression Calibration Adjustment for Measurement Error
Eunyoung Park, University of Pennsylvania; Daniela Sotres-Alvarez, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Paul Gustafson, University of British Columbia; Laurence S Freedman, Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research, Sheba Medical Center; Victor Kipnis, National Cancer Institute; Pamela A Shaw , University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
20: Power and Sample Size for the Test Negative Design
Yanan Huo; Natalie Dean, University of Florida
21: A Multiplicative Weighted Cox Model for Relative Mortality Analysis
John Michael Williamson, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Hung-Mo Lin, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Hae-Young Kim, New York Medical College
22: Integrating Mediation and Moderation Analysis in Examining the Effects of Mixtures of Exposures on Health Outcomes
Li Luo, University of New Mexico
23: Do Population-Level Differences in Food Environment Near Schools Explain Population-Level Trends in Child Obesity Disparities?
Kelsey Alexovitz, Drexel University; Brisa Sanchez, Drexel University; Emma V. Sanchez-Vaznaugh, San Francisco State University; Mika Matsuzaki, San Francisco State University
24: Sparse Partial Least Squares Regression for the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
Natalie Gasca, University of Washington; Robyn McClelland, University of Washington