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411 * Wed, 8/5/2020, 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM Virtual
Innovative Modeling of Risks in the SAMSI GDRR Program — Topic Contributed Papers
Section on Risk Analysis, International Indian Statistical Association, Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Organizer(s): Sanjib Basu, University of Illinois At Chicago
Chair(s): Jian Zou, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1:05 PM Explaining Aggressive Provider Billing Behavior via Quantile Variable Selection Models
Tahir Ekin, Texas State University; Paul Damien, University of Texas Austin
1:25 PM Risk-Based Management for Cervical Cancer Screening
Didem Egemen, National Cancer Institute - NIH; Li Cheung, US National Cancer Institute; Mark Schiffman, National Cancer Institute - NIH
1:45 PM Modeling Risks from Environmental Mixtures
Sanjib Basu, University of Illinois At Chicago; Jiyeong Jang, University of Illinois at Chicago
2:05 PM Effects of Risk Attitudes and Information Friction on Willingness to Pay for Precautionary Building Standards
Sebastain Awondo, University of Alabama; Kevin Egan, University of Toledo; Lawrence Powell, University of Alabama
2:25 PM Development of an Augmented Finite Weakest-Link Load-Sharing Model and Its Application to Explain the Physical Failure Process of a High-K Gate Dielectrics of a Semiconductor
David Han, The University of Texas at San Antonio
2:45 PM Floor Discussion