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294 Tue, 7/30/2019, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-502
SPEED: Statistical Learning and Data Science Speed Session 2, Part 1 — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science, Text Analysis Interest Group
Chair(s): Sumanta Basu, Cornell University
Poster Presentations for this session.
8:35 AM Three-Dimensional Radial Visualization of High-Dimensional Continuous or Discrete Data

Yifan Zhu, Iowa State University; Fan Dai, Iowa State University; Ranjan Maitra, Iowa State University
8:40 AM Semi-Supervised, Dynamic Class-Informative Feature Learning

Vincent Pisztora
8:45 AM An Imputation Approach for Fitting Random Survival Forests with Interval-Censored Survival Data

Warren Keil; Tyler Cook, University of Central Oklahoma
8:50 AM Diagnostic Accuracy Evaluation of Diagnostic Assessment Model in Longitudinal Data: a Simulation Study of Neural Network Approach

Chi Chang, Michigan State University; Harlan McCaffery, University of Michigan
8:55 AM Smoothing Random Forest

Benjamin LeRoy, Carnegie Mellon University; Max G'Sell, Carnegie Mellon University
9:00 AM Aggregated Pairwise Classification of Statistical Shapes

Min Ho Cho, The Ohio State University
9:05 AM Statistical Optimality of Interpolated Nearest Neighbor Algorithms

Yue Xing, Purdue University; Qifan Song, Purdue University; Guang Cheng, Purdue Statistics
9:10 AM Ground Truth? Understanding How Humans Label Records and the Impact of Uncertainty

Kayla Frisoli, Carnegie Mellon University; Rebecca Nugent, Carnegie Mellon University
9:15 AM Block-Wise Partitioning for Extreme Multi-Label Classification

Yuefeng Liang, UC Davis; Thomas C. M. Lee, UC Davis; Cho-Jui Hsieh, UCLA
9:20 AM A Statistical Model for Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Assessing Its Differences Between Basins and Climates

Arturo Fernandez, University of California - Berkeley
9:30 AM Discovery of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Adaptively Selected Gene Perturbation Experiments

Michele Zemplenyi, Harvard University; Jeffrey Miller, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
9:35 AM Stagewise Generalized Estimating Equations for Varying Coefficient Models
Gregory Vaughan, Bentley University; Yicheng Kang, Bentley University
9:40 AM Stacked Ensemble Learning for Propensity Score Methods in Observational Studies

Maximilian Autenrieth, San Diego State University and Ulm University; Richard Levine, San Diego State University; Juanjuan Fan, San Diego State University; Maureen Guarcello, San Diego State University
9:45 AM Predicting Sub-Cellular Location of Plant Protein Using Supervised Machine Learning

David Arthur; Benjamin Annan, Youngstown State University; Eric Quayson, Youngstown State University; Jack Min, Youngstown State University; Guang-Hwa Andy Chang, Youngstown State University
9:50 AM Floor Discussion