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83 Sun, 7/28/2019, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-302
Applications in Surveys and Social Science — Contributed Papers
Government Statistics Section, Social Statistics Section
Chair(s): Ashley Clark, Indiana University
4:05 PM Measures of Variance Across CPI Populations

Joshua Klick, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; Owen Shoemaker, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
4:20 PM A Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Model of Opioid Overdose Deaths in Ohio

Staci Hepler, Wake Forest University; David Kline, The Ohio State University; Lance Waller, Emory University
4:35 PM Adaptive Log-Linear Zero-Inflated Generalized Poisson Autoregressive Model with Applications to Crime Counts Data

Xiaofei Xu, National University of Singapore-Faculity of Science; Ying Chen, National University of Singapore; Xian-cheng Lin, University of Science and Technology of China; Cathy W. S. Chen, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan
4:50 PM Using Paradata to Inform Methodological Improvements to Survey Programs

Jeffrey Gonzalez, Bureau of Labor Statistics
5:05 PM Causal Inference for Policy Analysis: When Programs for Some Affect Outcomes for Others
Daniel Wilmoth, U.S. Small Business Administration
5:20 PM Floor Discussion