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249 ! Mon, 7/29/2019, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-210/212
The Climate Program at SAMSI — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment
Chair(s): William Christensen, BYU Department of Statistics
2:05 PM Statistics for Ocean Heat Content Estimation with Argo Profiling Floats
Mikael Kuusela, Carnegie Mellon University; Donata Giglio, University of Colorado Boulder; Anirban Mondal, Case Western Reserve University; Michael Stein, University of Chicago
2:20 PM Fine-Scale Spatiotemporal Air Pollution Analysis Using Mobile Monitors on Google Street View Vehicles
Yawen Guan, North Carolina State University; Margaret Johnson, JPL; Matthias Katzfuss, Texas A & M University; Elizabeth Mannshardt, US Environmental Protection Agency; Kyle Messier, Oregon State University; Brian Reich, North Carolina State University; Joon Jin Song, Baylor University
2:35 PM Hierarchical Multi-Resolution Spatial-Temporal Functional Imputation for Large Satellite Image Data
Zhengyuan Zhu, Iowa State University; Weicheng Zhu, Amazon
2:50 PM Ice Model Calibration Using Semi-Continuous Spatial Data

Won Chang, University of Cincinnati; Alex Konomi, University of Cincinnati; Yawen Guan, North Carolina State University; Murali Haran, Penn State University; Georgios Karagiannis, Durham University
3:05 PM A Projection-Based Method for Modeling High-Dimensional Zero-Inflated Spatial Data
Seiyon Lee, Pennsylvania State University; Murali Haran, The Pennsylvania State University
3:20 PM Multiscale Characterization of Wind Speed and Its Extremes

Julie Bessac, Argonne National Laboratory; Emil Constantinescu , Argonne National Laboratory
3:35 PM Floor Discussion