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245 Mon, 7/29/2019, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-101
Bayesian Inference in the Life Sciences and Medicine — Contributed Papers
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Chair(s): Furong Sun, Virginia Tech
2:05 PM Generalized Polya Urn Process Models for Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference
Mandev Gill, Rega Institute, KU Leuven; Philippe Lemey, Rega Institute, KU Leuven; Marc Suchard, UCLA; Guy Baele, Rega Institute / KU Leuven
2:20 PM Assessing Go/No-Go Decisions in Drug Development Under a Bayesian Paradigm Using Stan
Xiangyi Zhao, AbbVie Inc.; Alan Hartford, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
2:35 PM A Latent Functional Approach to Characterize the Complex Exposure Relationships of Pesticides on Cancer Incidence
Sungduk Kim, NIH; Paul Albert , National Cancer Insititute
3:05 PM Probabilistic Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multiple Groups
Lin Qiu, The Pennsylvania State University; Vernon Chinchilli, Pennsylvania State University
3:20 PM Overlapping Activity Patterns and Community Detection in Ecological Networks

Wenna Xi, The Ohio State University; Catherine A. Calder, The Ohio State University; Christopher R. Browning, The Ohio State University
3:35 PM Bayesian Variable Selection and Bayesian Model Averaging for Predicting Environmental Phenomena
Joyee Ghosh, The University of Iowa