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570 ! Wed, 7/31/2019, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-110
Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section
Chair(s): David Kline, The Ohio State University
2:05 PM Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Continuous, Longitudinal Ordinal, and Time-To-Event Outcomes
Abdus Sattar; Khurshid Alam, Case Western Reserve University; Arnab Maity, North Carolina State University; Sanjoy Sinha, Carleton University; Dimitris Rizopoulos, Erasmus University Medical Center
2:20 PM A Joint Modeling Approach of Repeated Measure and Time-To-Event Data for Differentially Expressed/Spliced Isoform Transcripts

Huining Kang, University of New Mexico; Xichen Li, University of New Mexico; Li Luo, University of New Mexico; Scott A Ness, University of New Mexico
2:35 PM Joint Modeling of Multivariate Longitudinal Outcomes and Multiple Time-To-Events in Presence of Informative Censoring

Md Akhtar Hossain, University of South Carolina; Alexander C McLain, University of South Carolina; Hrishikesh Chakraborty, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University
2:50 PM Novel Joint Models for Identifying Determinants of Cognitive Decline in the Presence of Informative Drop-Out and Observation Times

Kendra Plourde
3:05 PM Optimizing Personalized Biomarker Screening by Predicting Quantiles of Residual Lifetime in the Presence of Longitudinal Biomarkers

Phillip Schulte, Mayo Clinic; Fang-Shu Ou, Mayo Clinic; Martin Heller, Mayo Clinic
3:20 PM A Bayesian Approach for Semiparametric Regression Analysis of Bivariate Panel Count Data

Chunling Wang, University of South Carolina; Xiaoyan Lin, University of South Carolina
3:35 PM Joint Spline Models for Continuous Time Causal Mediation Analysis
Jeffrey M Albert, Case Western Reserve University; Tanujit Dey, Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Youjun Li, Case Western Reserve University; Jiayang Sun, Case Western Reserve University; Wojbor Woyczynski, Case Western Reserve University; Rujia Liu, Case Western Reserve University; Meeyoung Min, Case Western Reserve University