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646 * ! Thu, 8/1/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-708
Applications of Deep Learning in Pharmaceutical Development — Topic Contributed Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section, Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science, Biometrics Section, Text Analysis Interest Group
Organizer(s): Xin Huang, AbbVie Inc.
Chair(s): Weili He, AbbVie
10:35 AM Deep Learning-Based Histology Image Analysis for Patient Diagnosis and Selection

Xin Huang, AbbVie Inc.; Liuqing Yang, AbbVie; Yan Sun, AbbVie; Mufeng Hu, AbbVie
10:55 AM Leveraging Free Text Data for Decision Making in Drug Development

Yan Sun, AbbVie; Jiyeong Jang, University of Illinois at Chicago; Xin Huang, AbbVie Inc.; Hongwei Wang, AbbVie Inc.; Weili He, AbbVie
11:15 AM Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Medical Images and Deep Learning Method
Xuanyao He, Eli Lilly and Company
11:35 AM Discussant: Hongwei Wang, AbbVie Inc.
11:55 AM Discussant: Mandy Jin, Merck & Co., Inc.
12:15 PM Floor Discussion