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170 Mon, 7/29/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-105
SPEED: Biopharmaceutical Methods and Application I, Part 1 — Contributed Speed
Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Sarah Ryan
Poster Presentations for this session.
10:35 AM Bayesian Leveraging of Historical and Concurrent Data to Assess the Contribution of a New Molecular Entity with a Delayed Effect in a Combination Survival Trial
Samson Ghebremariam, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation; Lisa Hampson, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation; Amy Racine-Poon, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation; Beat Neuenschwander, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation; Bharani Dharan, Novartis Pharmaceuticals; Kalyanee Appanna, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation
10:40 AM Design of Clinical Trials for Bivariate Endpoints

Junxiao Hu, University of Colorado; Patrick Blatchford, University of Colorado; John Kittelson, University of Colorado
10:45 AM Bayesian Modeling in Historical Data Borrowing on Controls in Clinical Trials

Zhuqing Yu, AbbVie Inc.; Zailong Wang, AbbVie Inc.; Lanju Zhang
10:50 AM Analysis Methods for Skewed Data Distributions
Annpey Pong
10:55 AM Identification of Potential Predictive Biomarker Candidates Through Strategic Analysis of Cytokine Profiles Across Multiple Anti-PD-1 Clinical Trials
Jeea Choi, Novartis; Ying Amanda Wang, Novartis; John Millholland, Novartis; Albert Reising, Novartis; Jan Christoph Brase, Novartis; Xiaoshan Wang, Novartis; Connie Wong, Novartis; Kitty Wan, Novartis; Yiqun Yang, Novartis; Gullu Gorgun, Novartis; Parul Patel, Novartis; Hemant Patel, Novartis
11:00 AM Precise and Accurate Power of the Rank-Sum Test for a Continuous Variable

Katie Rose Mollan, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Ilana Trumble, University of Colorado Denver; Sarah Reifeis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Orlando Ferrer, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Camden P Bay, Harvard Medical School; Pedro L. Baldoni, University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill; Michael Hudgens, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
11:05 AM Reducing Misclassification Effect on Dynamic Treatment Regimen (DTR) of Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial Designs (SMART)
Jun He, Virginia Commonwealth University; Roy T Sabo, Virginia Commonwealth University; Donna McClish, VCU
11:10 AM Simple Adjustment for Bias Due to Unobserved Confounding
Yiran (Bonnie) Hu, AbbVie; Hui Xie, University of Illinois at Chicago
11:15 AM Umbrella and Platform Trials: Statistical Considerations on Efficiencies and a Case Study

Xiaoyun (Nicole) Li, Merck; Cong Chen, Merck & Co., Inc; Fang Liu, Merck; Wen Li, Merck
11:20 AM Flexible Semiparametric Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Basket Trials
Veronica Bunn, Takeda Pharmaceuticals; Jianchang Lin, Takeda Pharmaceuticals; Rachael Liu, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
11:30 AM Evaluating the “One-Model Fits All” Approach for Modeling Clinical Trial Adverse Events

Stephanie Pan
11:35 AM How Many Imputations Are Enough When Reporting Clinical Trials?
Anders Gorst-Rasmussen, Novo Nordisk A/S
11:40 AM Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Preclinical Efficacy Screens
William Forrest, Genentech, Inc; Bruno Alicke, Genentech; Magdalena Osinska, Genentech; Shannon Ruppert, Genentech; Michal Jakubczak, Roche; Pawel Piatkowski, Roche
11:45 AM The Application of Beta Regression for Modeling a Covariate Adjusted ROC

Xing Meng, Baylor University; Jack D. Tubbs, Baylor University
11:50 AM Examining the Replication Crisis: The Effect of Underpowered Studies and Publication Bias
Christine M. Orndahl, Virginia Commonwealth University Dept of Biostatistics; Robert A. Perera, VCU Department of Biostatistics
11:55 AM Comparison of Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis Models for Survival Data

Purvi Prajapati, Baylor University; James D Stamey, Baylor University; John Seaman, Baylor University; Michael Sonksen, Eli Lilly & Co.; Min-Hua Jen, Eli Lilly & Co.
12:00 PM Advantages of Parallel Design Over Crossover Design in the Study on Effects of Cannabis on Driving in Healthy Adults
Anya Umlauf, UC San Diego; Barth Wilsey, UC San Diego; Thomas Marcotte, UC San Diego; Florin Vaida, UC San Diego
12:05 PM Probability of Undetectable Error in Independent Dual Programming Validation for Analysis Results in Clinical Trials

Long Zheng, Takeda Pharmaceutical
12:10 PM An Extension of Cohen’s Kappa for Clustered Data and Group Sequential Testing

Mary Ryan, University of California, Irvine; Daniel L. Gillen, University of California, Irvine
12:15 PM Optimal Design and Analysis of Efficacy Expansion in Phase I Oncology Trials

Iris Wu, Merck & Co.; Fang Liu, Merck; Heng Zhou, Merck & Co., Inc; Cong Chen, Merck & Co., Inc