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663 * Thu, 8/1/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-709
Regression, Clustering and Gene Set Methods in Genomics — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics
Chair(s): Xuefeng Wang, MOFFITT Cancer Center
10:35 AM Robust Inference Based on High-Dimensional Multiple Regressions with Application to Biomarker Screening
Youngseok Song, Colorado State University; Wen Zhou, Colorado State University; Wenxin Zhou, University of California, San Diego; Kim Hoke, Colorado State University
10:50 AM Moment-Based Estimation of Mixtures of Regression Models and Their Application in Genetic Studies

Claus Ekstrom, Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen
11:05 AM Advances in the Hard Clustering of Categorical Data
Karin Dorman, Iowa State University
11:20 AM FSCseq: Simultaneous Feature Selection and Clustering of RNA-Seq Data
David Lim, UNC Chapel Hill; Naim U. Rashid, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Joseph G Ibrahim, UNC
11:35 AM Covariance Thresholding to Detect Differentially Co-Expressed Gene Sets

Hokeun Sun, Pusan National University; Mingyu Oh, Pusan National University; Kipoong Kim, Pusan National University
11:50 AM Incorporating Prior Information into Signal-Detection Analyzes Across Biologically Informed Gene-Sets

Mengqi Zhang, Duke University; Sahar Gelfman, Institute of Genomic Medicine,Columbia University; Janice McCarthy, Duke University; David B Goldstein, Institute of Genomic Medicine, Columbia University; Andrew S Allen, Duke University
12:05 PM Integrating Pathway Information with Boosting to Construct a Sufficient Gene Set for Phenotype Classification
Nusrat Jahan, James Madison University; Huining Kang, University of New Mexico; Li Luo, University of New Mexico