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180 * Mon, 7/29/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-210/212
Statistical Methods for Functional Genomic and Epigenomic Data — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics
Chair(s): Weiqiang Zhou, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
10:35 AM Detection and Classification of Changes in Protein-DNA Binding Activity with Applications in Diffuse ChIP-Seq Data
Pedro L. Baldoni, University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill; Naim U. Rashid, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Joseph G Ibrahim, UNC
10:50 AM Cross-Platform Prediction of Regulatory Activities

Runzhe Li, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Weiqiang Zhou, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Hongkai Ji, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
11:05 AM A Change-Point Approach to Identify Hierarchical Organization of Topologically Associated Domains in Hi-C Data
Yingru Wu, SUNY Stony Brook; Haipeng Xing, SUNY Stony Brook; Yong Chen, UT Dallas; Michael Q. Zhang, UT Dallas
11:20 AM SpectralTAD: Defining Hierarchy of Topologically Associated Domains Using Graph Theoretical Clustering

Mikhail Dozmorov, Virginia Commonwealth University; Kellen Cresswell, Virginia Commonwealth University; John Stansfield, Virginia Commonwealth University
11:35 AM Exploring Functional Data Analysis to Identify Differentially Methylated Regions in Plants

Mohamed Milad, Arkansas State University , Jonesboro; Gayla Olbricht, Missouri Science and Technology University
11:50 AM Identifying Patterns of Multi-Genetic/Epigenetic Factors via Non-Parametric Clustering
Meredith Ray, University of Memphis; Lauren Sobral, University of Memphis; S. Hasan Arshad, University of Southampton; John Holloway, University of Southampton; Wilfried JJ Karmaus, University of Memphis; Hongmei Zhang, University of Memphis
12:05 PM Multiple-Gene Targeting and Mismatch Tolerance Can Confound Analysis of Genome-Wide Pooled CRISPR Screens
Jean-Philippe Fortin, Genentech; Jenille Tan, Genentech; Karen Gascoigne, Genentech; Peter Haverty, Genentech; William Forrest, Genentech, Inc; Michael Costa, Genentech; Scott Martin, Genentech