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662 Thu, 8/1/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-210/212
Methods for Meta-Analysis, and Longitudinal and Clustered Data — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
Chair(s): Paul Albert , National Cancer Insititute
10:35 AM A Bayesian Multivariate Meta-Analysis of Prevalence Data

Lianne Siegel, University of Minnesota; Kyle Rudser, University of Minnesota; Siobhan Sutcliffe, Washington University School of Medicine; Alayne Markland, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Birmingham VA Medical Center; Linda Brubaker, University of California San Diego; Sheila Gahagan, University of California San Diego; Ann Stapleton, University of Washington; Haitao Chu, University of Minnesota
10:50 AM Individual-Level Meta-Analysis for a Pooled Estimate of Incidence Rate for Rare Adverse Events

Qing Pan, George Washington University; Chen Chen, George Washington University; Yan Ma, George Washington University; Yong Ma, FDA
11:05 AM Validation of Sleep Measures Derived from Phone-Based Activity Data Compared to Self-Report

Briana Cameron, 23andMe; Devika Dhamija, 23andMe; Matthew McIntyre, 23andMe; Robert Gentleman, 23andMe; 23andMe Research Team, 23andMe
11:20 AM Quantification and Estimation of the Regression to the Mean for Bivariate Distributions

Manzoor Khan, University of New South Wales; Jake Olivier, University of New South Wales
11:35 AM Estimating the Zero Cell of Multivariate Bernoulli Data from Partially-Sampled Clusters
John Preisser, University of North Carolina; Bahjat Qaqish, University of North Carolina
11:50 AM Asymptotic Simultaneous Confidence Intervals of Odds Ratio in Many-To-One Comparison of Proportions for Correlated Paired Binary Data

Xuan Peng, State University of New York At Buffalo; Chang-Xing Ma, State University of New York At Buffalo
12:05 PM Sample Size Considerations for Stratified Cluster Randomization Design with Binary Outcomes and Varying Cluster Size

XIAOHAN XU, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center & Southern Methodist University