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81 Sun, 7/28/2019, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-701
Regression, Distribution and Inference — Contributed Papers
International Indian Statistical Association
Chair(s): Saonli Basu, University of Minnesota, Biostatistics SPH
4:05 PM Cholesky Normal Distribution in the Space of Symmetric Positive- Definite Matrices

Benoit Ahanda, Texas Tech University/Bradley University
4:20 PM On Two Normal Mixture Models of the Classical Method of Moments
Ray-Shine Lee, Shine-In Quantitative Research
4:35 PM Tolerance Limits for Normal Mixtures
Shin-Fu Tsai, National Taiwan University
4:50 PM General Linear Regression Model Approach to Estimate Location and Scale Parameters of Burr Type III Distribution
Woosuk Kim, Slippery Rock University
5:05 PM Robust Fitting and Smoothing Parameter Selection for GAMLSS
William Aeberhard, Stevens Institute of Technology; Eva Cantoni, University of Geneva; Giampiero Marra, University College London; Rosalba Radice, City, University of London
5:20 PM Uniformly Consistently Estimating the Proportion of False Null Hypotheses via Lebesgue-Stieltjes Integral Equations

Xiongzhi Chen, Washington State University
5:35 PM Factor and Idiosyncratic Empirical Processes
Jiangyan Wang, Nanjing Audit University; Xinbing Kong, Nanjing Audit University; Jinbao Xing, Soochow University; Chao Xu, Nanjing Audit University; Chao Ying, Soochow University