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513 Wed, 7/31/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-706
Topics in Monte Carlo Simulation — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Computing
Chair(s): Sam Tyner, Iowa State University
10:35 AM Real-Time Change Point Detection

Kyungduk Ko, Boise State University
10:50 AM Fast Spatial Inference in the Homogeneous Ising Model

Ranjan Maitra, Iowa State University; Alejandro Murua, University of Montreal
11:05 AM Fast Markov Chain Monte Carlo for High-Dimensional Bayesian Regression Models with Shrinkage Priors

Rui Jin, University of Iowa; Aixin Tan, University of Iowa
11:20 AM Efficient Sampling for Imbalanced Large Categorical Data Using Piece-Wise Deterministic Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Deborshee Sen, Duke University; Matthias Sachs, Duke University ; David Dunson, Duke University; Jianfeng Lu, Duke University
11:35 AM Stacking for Multimodal Posterior Distributions
Yuling Yao, Columbia University; Andrew Gelman, Columbia University
11:50 AM A Second-Order Adaptive Sampling Framework for Stochastic Gradient Descent
David Newton, Purdue University; Raghu Pasupathy, Purdue University
12:15 PM VIVID - Visualisation of Variable Importance Differences for Improved Understanding of Parkinson's Disease
Samuel Mueller, The University of Sydney; Connor Smith, University of Sydney; Boris Guennewig, University of Sydney