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247 Mon, 7/29/2019, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-108
Sufficient Dimension Reduction and High-Dimensional Data — Contributed Papers
Section on Nonparametric Statistics
Chair(s): Sayar Karmakar, University of Florida
2:05 PM Moment Kernels for Estimating Central Mean Subspace and Central Subspace

Weihang Ren; Xiangrong Yin, University of Kentucky
2:20 PM A Sparse Sufficient Dimension Reduction Approach for Multiclass Linear Discriminant Analysis
Jing Zeng, Florida State University; Qing Mai, Florida State University; Xin Zhang, Florida State University
2:35 PM Likelihood-Based Dimension Reduction for Tensor Data
Ning Wang, Florida State University; Xin Zhang, Florida State University; Bing Li, The Pennsylvania State University
2:50 PM Robust Dimension Reduction Methods
Prabha Shrestha; Wei Lin, Ohio University
3:05 PM Non Standard Asymptotics in High Dimension: Manski's Maximum Score Estimator Revisited

Debarghya of Mukherjee, university of michigan; Ya'acov Ritov, university of michigan; Moulinath of Banerjee, university of michigan
3:20 PM Metropolized Knockoff Sampling

Wenshuo Wang, Harvard University; Stephen Bates, Stanford; Emmanuel Candes, Stanford University; Lucas Janson, Harvard University
Zhanrui Cai, Penn State University; Yaowu Zhang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Liping Zhu, Renmin University of China; Runze Li, Penn State University; Xu Guo, Beijing Normal University