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299 Tue, 7/30/2019, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-111
Estimands and Imputations Methods — Contributed Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Weichao Bao, GlaxoSmithKline
8:35 AM An Approach to Multiple Imputation That Avoids the Inclusion of an Outcome in the Imputation Model
Monelle Tamegnon, Janssen R&D
8:50 AM Missing Data Imputation with Baseline Information in Longitudinal Clinical Trials

Yilong Zhang, Merck; Zachary Zimmer, Merck; Lei Xu, Merck; Gregory Golm, Merck; Raymond Lam, Merck; Susan Huyck, Merck; Frank G Liu, Merck Sharp & Dohme Inc.
9:05 AM Using the Retrieved Dropout Approach for Estimating a Treatment Policy Estimand

Ruvie Martin, Novartis Pharmaceuticals; Bjoern Bornkamp, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
9:20 AM Missing Data Approaches for Estimating Treatment Effect for Binary Data

Anindita Banerjee, Pfizer; Vivek Pradhan, Pfizer; Arnab Maity, Pfizer
9:35 AM Considerations for the Use of Multiple Imputation in a Noninferiority Trial Setting

Kimberly Walters, Statistics Collaborative, Inc.; Jie Zhou, Statistics Collaborative, Inc.; Janet Wittes, Statistics Collaborative, Inc; Lisa Weissfeld, Stats Collaborative
9:50 AM Identifying Treatment Effects Using Trimmed Means When Data Are Missing Not at Random
Alex Ocampo, Harvard University
10:05 AM Imputation Strategies When a Continuous Outcome Is to Be Dichotomized for Responder Analysis: a Simulation Study

Lysbeth Floden, University of Arizona; Melanie Bell, University of Arizona