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222 * ! Mon, 7/29/2019, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-302
Statistical Challenges with Astronomical Data — Invited Papers
National Institute of Statistical Sciences, General Methodology, Astrostatistics Special Interest Group
Organizer(s): James L Rosenberger, NISS (National Institute of Statistical Sciences) and Penn State
Chair(s): Lingzhou Xue, Penn State University and National Institute of Statistical Sciences
2:05 PM Time Delay Cosmography Towards the Hubble Constant

Hyungsuk Tak, University of Notre Dame; Simon Birrer?, University of California, Los Angeles
2:30 PM Generating Realistic Galaxy Images

Chad M Schafer, Carnegie Mellon University; Benjamin LeRoy, Carnegie Mellon University
2:55 PM Detecting New Signals Under Background Mismodelling

Sara Algeri, University of Minnesota
3:20 PM Statistical Challenges of Pulsar Timing
G. Jogesh Babu, Penn State University
3:45 PM Floor Discussion