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271 * ! Tue, 7/30/2019, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-707
Statistical Analysis of Complex Imaging Data — Invited Papers
Section on Statistics in Imaging, Mental Health Statistics Section, WNAR
Organizer(s): Dehan Kong, University of Toronto
Chair(s): Tingting Zhang, University of Virginia
8:35 AM Fr├ęchet Regression for Time-Varying Covariance Matrices of Myelination and Regional Co-Evolution Networks in the Developing Brain
Hans Mueller, UC Davis; Alexander Petersen, University of California, Santa Barbara; Sean Deoni , Brown University ; Xiongtao Dai, Iowa State University ; Jane-Ling Wang, University of California, Davis
9:00 AM Tensor Approximation for Partial Quantile Regression in Functional Linear Models

Dengdeng Yu, University of Toronto
9:25 AM Semiparametric Estimation Under Shape Invariance for fMRI Data

Nicole Lazar, University of Georgia
9:50 AM Defining the Resolution of Optogenetic Circuit Mapping
Shizhe Chen, University of California, Davis; Liam Paninski, Columbia University; Ben Shababo, University of California, Berkeley; Hillel Adesnik, University of California, Berkeley
10:15 AM Floor Discussion