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410 * Tue, 7/31/2018, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-West 112
High-Dimensional Regression — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section
Chair(s): Nathan Thomas James, Vanderbilt University
2:05 PM Semiparametric-Sparse Network Kernel Method for Genetic Pathway Analysis
Byung-Jun Kim, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ.; Inyoung Kim, Virginia Tech
2:20 PM The Generalized Ridge Estimator of the Inverse Covariance Matrix

Wessel Van Wieringen, VU Medical Center
2:35 PM Constrained Regression via Majorization-Minimization
Jason Xu, UCLA; Kenneth Lange, UCLA
2:50 PM Simulation-Selection-Extrapolation Estimator for High-Dimensional Errors-In-Variables Models

Linh Nghiem, Southern Methodist University; Cornelis Potgieter, Southern Methodist University
3:05 PM Finding Needles in a Hay Stack - an Approach for a Small-Number-Factor High-Dimensional Data

Chi-Hse Teng
3:20 PM Hyperplane Estimation in High Dimensions

Zhiyuan Lu, University of Michigan
3:35 PM Spatial Factor Models for High-Dimensional and Large Spatial Data: An Application in Forest Variable Mapping

Daniel Taylor Rodriguez, Portland State University; Andrew Oliver Finley, Michigan State University; Abhi Datta, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Chad Babcock, University of Washington; Hans-Erik Andersen, USDA Forest Service; Bruce Douglas Cook, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Douglas C Morton, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Sudipto Banerjee, UCLA School of Public Health