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357 Tue, 7/31/2018, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-West 204
Issues in Survey Design and Estimation — Contributed Papers
Survey Research Methods Section, Social Statistics Section
Chair(s): Richard Levy, U.S. Census Bureau
10:35 AM A Comparison of Clustering Algorithms Used for Multivariate Stratification of Primary Sampling Units
Thomas Chesnut, U.S. Census Bureau; Padraic Murphy, U.S. Census Bureau
10:50 AM Nested Subsamples: a Method for Achieving Flexibility in Annual Sample Sizes for a Continuous Multiyear Survey

Van Parsons, National Center for Health Statistics; Chris Moriarity, National Center for Health Statistics
11:05 AM Efficiency Comparisons of Selective Editing Methods
Chin-Fang Weng, U.S. Census Bureau; Joanna Fane Lineback, U.S. Census Bureau
11:20 AM Detecting and Correcting Influential Values Using the Conditional Bias Approach : Application to the Canadian Survey of Household Spending
Christiane Laperrière, Statistics Canada; Aliou Seydi, Statistics Canada
11:35 AM The Utility of Using Web Surveys to Measure and Estimate Health Outcomes, a Pilot Study

Yulei He, CDC/NCHS; Hee-Choon Shin, CDC/NCHS; Bill Cai, CDC/NCHS; Jennifer Parker, CDC/NCHS
11:50 AM Assessment of a Review Process for the 2017 Census of Agriculture

Denise Abreu, USDA/NASS
12:05 PM Floor Discussion