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312 Tue, 7/31/2018, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-West 218
Recent Methods Development for Sequence-Based Association Studies — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics
Chair(s): Dror Berel, Fred Hutch
8:35 AM Analysis in Case-Control Sequencing Association Studies with Different Sequencing Depths
Sixing Chen, Harvard University; Xihong Lin, Harvard University
8:50 AM Testing Nonlinear Gene-Environment Interaction Through Varying Coefficient and Linear Mixed Models

Zhengyang Zhou, Southern Methodist University; Chao Xing, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Hung-Chih Ku, DePaul University
9:05 AM Identifying Individual Risk Rare Variants Using Structure-Guided Local Tests

Rachel Marceau, North Carolina State University; Wenbin Lu, North Carolina State University; Daniel Rotroff, North Carolina State University; Michael Wagner, UNC Chapel Hill; John Buse, UNC Chapel Hill; Jung-Ying Tzeng, North Carolina State University; Melaine Kuenemann, North Carolina State University; Denis Fourches, North Carolina State University; Alison Motsinger-Reif, North Carolina State University
9:20 AM Robust Score Tests with Missing Data in Genomics Studies

Kin Yau Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Donglin Zeng, UNC Chapel Hill; Danyu Lin, University of North Carolina
9:35 AM Using Gene Genealogies to Localize Rare Variants Associated with Complex Traits in Diploid Populations

Charith Bhagya Karunarathna, Simon Fraser University; Jinko Graham, Simon Fraser University
9:50 AM Integrating External Controls Improves Power for Genetic Association Testing

Yatong Li, University of Michigan; Seunggeun Lee, University of Michigan
10:05 AM Methods and Study Design for Integrating External Controls with Allele Frequencies

Megan Sorenson, University of Colorado Denver; Audrey Hendricks, University of Colorado - Denver